SECOM Webinar:  Real-time in situ correlative microscopy for cellular biology



A successful webinar was held on 22 June 2017. It was organized by our partners DELMIC and AXT (the Australian DELMIC partner). The presenter was Ms. Sangeetha Hari, the Product and Application Specialist at DELMIC.

In the webinar we introduce the concept of correlative light-electron microscopy (CLEM) and how it can be used for various applications in the life sciences. Subsequently, we focus on a case study of type 1 diabetes, in which we explore how the integration of light and electron microscopy can be beneficial for gaining a deeper understanding of the disease. The main contents include:

  • Overview DELMIC company
  • Introduction of Correlative Microscopy
  • SECOM CLEM system
  • Life Science Applications
  • Super Resolution CLEM
  • Large Area Imaging

You can watch the complete video here