Universal 6 Megapixel Bottom-Mounted TEM CCD Camera

The brand new 6 megapixel TEM camera TOLARA B06U for the bottom mount port for almost all current and legacy TEMs combines perfect image quality and high speed with a perfect price tag.

The TOLARA joins the long and successful portfolio of bottom mount TEM cameras by EMSIS. The TOLARA camera provides a high speed at full resolution of at least 28 frames per second. Even higher speeds can be acheived with 2x and 4x binning  for applications like diffraction, of which the TOLARA is fully capable of.

The tapered fiber optics have been carefully selected, based on EMSIS’ long and exceptional experience. Its overall specifications and the electronics-sensor-optics combination make no compromises despite its affordable pricing. The great versatility makes it the perfect choice the almost all standard Material  and Life Sciences applications. As such its not only the perfect companion of any standard TEM but also the camera of choice for retrofitting older TEMs.

It goes without saying that all the camera related sophisticated features of the current RADIUS version are also available with the TOLARA: smart averaging, live measurements, HDRI, movie recording, drift correction, “click-to-center”, etc. – you may use them all with all EMSIS cameras, including our new TOLARA camera.