Recently, a SPARC Spectral high-end cathodoluminescence detection system was successfully installed at the Zhongke Lu’an Research Institute. The system was adapted on Hitachi’s latest SU8230 scanning electron microscope. This is the first time in China to install a SPARC system on a Hitachi cold field scanning electron microscope. The cathodoluminescence system is optimized for the UV-light band and equipped with special lenses and detectors for UV light.

In April 2018, the signing ceremony of the “Zhongke Lu’an Semiconductor Industrial Technology Research Institute” jointly established by the world’s top 500 enterprises, the Lu’an Group and the Changzhi Municipal Government and the Institute of Semiconductors of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, was held in Changzhi. On May 30 this year, the award ceremony of the Shanxi Semiconductor Industry Alliance, the inauguration ceremony of the Zhongke Lu’an Semiconductor Technology Research Institute and the launching ceremony of the Zhongke Lu’an Deep UV LED Project were held in Zhongke Lu’an UV Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. The SAPRC cathodoluminescence system will help Shanxi Changzhi to build the world’s largest UV LED industry cluster.
SPARC Installation