Product Description

EBS TFE (equivalent Denka 174-C/FEI)

EBS manufactures their our own line of TFE Cathodes, which are the MET models. These MET/TFE Cathodes are:

– Lower in costs and an alternative to Denka, FEI, etc..

– Are not gun conditioned, which means, they have not been run with extraction of electrons and the start-up process for the customer is going to take longer.

-Not all operating data are not available.

MET Thermal Field Emission (Schottky) Cathode




Operating Temperature

≤ 1850K. 1800K recommended

Filament current at 1800K

≤ 2.6A

Operating pressure

≤ 1.3×10-6Pa (1×10-8Torr).

2.7×10-7Pa (2×10-9Torr) recommended

Tip radius

0.4 to 0.7µm. Standard tolerance +/- 0.05µm

Cone Angle


Note: Other TFE Models are available, please contact for required tip radius of <0.4µm or >0.7µm.