Product Description

Amray AR Loop (std) FiIaments (10/Box)

Tungsten filaments built by Energy Beam Sciences are the standard of the industry. With EBS filament assemblies, you can be assured of superior design and craftsmanship because we employ the most recent advances in ceramic and metallurgical technologies. We built our reputation creating filaments that provide outstanding performance for the most demanding applications.

Exclusive Features:

    • Rigid attachment of filament wire to posts with no possibility of waving due to mechanical instability
    • Minimum tip radius for coherent beam
    • Polished post ends
    • Precise dimensioning
    • Bases can be cleaned and rebuilt many times.
Energy Beam Sciences exclusive AR tip represents the state of art in filament technology. This special loop was developed for applications which demand the ultimate in mechanical stability and operating life. It is particularly recommended for use in multi-user environments and teaching laboratories. Its etched taper loop configuration and unique tip geometry enhance contrast and brightness, even at low kV. We can provide the AR loop mounted on most filament bases. Whatever your application, you should see enhanced performance with the AR loop, when compared with the standard loop filament supplied by the EM equipment manufacturer