A diffraction beam stopper for the side entry port has been developed, which can be used in combination with “single-port” side mounted cameras.

The EMSIS diffraction beam stop covers the intense primary beam (which is not diffracted by the sample), such that the more diffuse diffraction spots or rings of higher orders can be recorded optimally. It is the ideal accessory for all EMSIS side entry cameras used for diffraction, on such TEMs where a second side entry port is available and not blocked by any other equipment.

It might also be used on such TEMs with any bottom mount camera, which are not yet equipped with a diffraction beam stop and where at least one side entry port is available.


Diffraction Pattern Gold on Carbon with Beam Stopper

Diffraction Pattern Gold on Carbon with Beam Stopper

Side mounted beam stopperOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Side mounted beam stopper












  • Retractable
  • Position manually adjustable in x and y direction – restricted by the available space inside column
  • Beam stop material: Tungsten
  • Beam stop size: approx. 0.5 mm diameter
  • Mounting position: side entry (“35 mm”); single port
  • Compatible to all EMSIS cameras