We are very pleased to start the 2019 with the introduction of PHURONA S12U, the new 12MP side mounted CMOS camera. With this camera we complement the current side mouted cameras, MegaView G3, Veleta G3 and Morada G3, with this 12 MP CMOS camera.

We are currently testing the camera on various TEM models, but would like to share some specification already: 

– pixel number: 12MP
– image ratio : 4:3
– binning modes: 1x, 2x
– Frame rates: 20fps at 12MP full resolution
– compatibility with JEOL JEM-1010/1011, JEM-1200, JEM-1230, JEM-1400 series, H-7600, H-7650, HT7700, HT7800 and the FEI Tecnai series (100 and 200 kV),

Contact us if you would like to know more details?