MegaView G3

Extremely Fast 2.8 MegaPixel TEM Camera

  • 2.8 MegaPixel
  • 55 frames in full resolution
  • 160 frames at binning 5
  • High sensitivity
  • USB 3.0


Our MegaView camera is a synonym for best-price performance ratio of TEM cameras for more than 15 years. The new MegaViewG3 is the 3rd generation of our most versatile and reliable side-mounted TEM camera system MegaView. The pneumatically driven camera fits to the wide-angle (35 mm) port of almost all common TEMs.

The MegaViewG3 is equipped with a sensitive 2.8 MegaPixel CCD chip and it achieves more than 55 frames per second at full resolution and 160 frames per second at binning 5x. Fast data transfer is guaranteed by using USB 3.0.

Compared to its predecessors this 3rd generation provides you with

  • 6x higher frame rates
  • 2x more resolution
  • Higher sensitivity
  • Higher Signal-to-Noise Ratio

For upgrading your existing MegaView camera system we offer attractive in-field upgradeability of legacy models by our new MegaView G3.

With the MegaViewG3 your system will be safe for the next decade.





SAD image of small Al crystallite, indexing by use of  iTEM Solution Di"raction.

SAD image of small Al crystallite, indexing by use of iTEM Solution Diffraction.

The MegaView G3 is our new high-speed CCD Camera with up to 160 frames per second. With its 2.9 Megapixel, it doubles its predecessor’s resolution and yielding 6x higher frame rates. Its CCD technology provides perfect signal to noise ratio but still good pricing.
The budget friendly MegaView G3 is equally attractive for users in the bio medical, life sciences and materials science fields.

The MegaView G3 consists of a high yield phosphor screen, a prism to re%ect the image onto the CCD sensor, as well as housing and flange specific to fit almost every TEM. The patented rigid coupled phosphor screen-lens-scintillator-CCD combination provides optimum conditions for artifact-free shading correction. The single port design gives leaves the second port free for other devices.

The MegaView G3 camera system is equipped with a customized high quality lens. In conjunction with the CCD chip and the efficient scintillator, the MegaView G3 system ensures great sensitivity and light efficiency, as well as a high signal-to-noise ratio.
The hyper fast interline CCD image sensor used in the MegaView G3 provides a maximum resolution of 2.8 Megapixel with 14 bit dynamic range. Its extremely high speed proofs the CCD still a perfect technique with a high quantum efficiency.

Several binning modes are supported by the MegaView G3. The users can select between modes of 2x, 4x and 8x binning. This offers sensitivity that can be increased even more. The interline chip uses an electronic shutter.The MegaView G3 offers exposure times ranging from 100 µs to 10s and frame rates of more than 55 images per second at full resolution and more than 155 images per second at binning 5x.

This very high frame rates are ideal for locating suitable specimen segments directly on-screen or adjusting the microscope parameters. At any resolution the camera provides excellent dynamic range and sensitivity.

What makes the MegaView G3 even more attractive is that almost all existing MegaView systems can be upgraded in the field for a fraction of the cost of a new system, hence making even these legacy systems can be made future safe with USB 3.0 and 64 bit operating systems.

Up to 1936 x 146 pixels
More than 55 fps @full resolution
Peltier cooled
Lens coupled
14 bit
Large field of view
Life Sciences
Materials Science
Digital Documentation

Chip Type

Interline CCD Sensor

Mounting Position

Side entry (35mm) -Single port


Lens (~3:1)

Sensor Type

Interline CCD

Sensor Active Area

8.8 x 6.6 mm²

Sensor Size

1936 x 1456

Eff. Pixel Size

13 x 13 µm²

Field of View

25.5 x 19.2 mm²

Frame Rate @ Full Resolution

55 fps

Frame Rate @ Binning 4x

> 120 fps (160 fps @ Binning 5x)


14 bit

Partial Readout



1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, Full HD

Exposure Time

1ms – 10 sec

Computer Interface

USB 3.0 (USB3 Vision)

Control Software

RADIUS 1.4 (WindowsTM 7, 32 or 64 bit) and higher

*Windows 7 is a trademark of Microsoft Corp.