Xarosa B20T

Fast 20MP Bottom Mount TEM CMOS Camera
XAROSA is about to bring you into a new era of electron microscopy. With its unrivaled 20-megapixel CMOS image sensor, it sets new benchmarks in terms of speed, resolution and price / performance to meet your highest quality needs.

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Diffraction without Blooming

Diffraction is not blooming

Life science Example

Life Science Example

Integration in iTEM and Radius - TEM Imaging Platforms

Integrated iTEM and Radius – TEM imaging platform















The exciting new TEM CMOS camera XAROSA B20T delivers more than 30 frames per second with its full 20 megapixel and sets a new benchmark in speed, resolution and price / performance.

XAROSA is up to 30 frames per second at its full 20MP and uses the latest Thunderbolt interface to deliver high-quality and high-speed data to workstations. Using pixel merging can also achieve higher speeds.

In addition, proven, pyramidal fiber technology enables pixel size, perfect match between fiber and scintillator. XAROSA uses high-quality and customized prismatic fibers that provide both very high photon sensitivity and a wide field of view. CMOS image sensors produce no ghosting, making them ideal for photographic imaging.

Combined with our advanced imaging software RADIUS, XAROSA offers a wide range of capabilities including video recording, HDRI, averaging and drift correction, as well as one-click centering, fully interactive / automated measurement and comprehensive image database.




30 frames per second at 20 megapixel resolution
No Blooming
Fiber Coupling (2: 1 Taper)
Thunderbolt ™ interface
Wide View
Integrated in RADIUS
Windows 10 support
Material Science
Life Science
On Inst
HR imaging

Sensor type


Image size (max)

5120 x 3840 Pixel

Effective pixel size

13 x 13 Square micron

Frame rate @ full resolution

> 30 frames per second (fps)

Got Blooming

No Blooming

Camera coupling

Conical fiber

Data interface


Operating system

Windows 7 / Windows 10(64位)

Imaging software


Available options

Integrated shutter Flange for a specific TEM