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is a carefully crafted CMOS camera from EMSIS that has been well received since its official launch six months ago. Nearly 20 units have been sold in less than 6 month, of which 9 are in the Chinese market.

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In the recent annual meeting of the National Institute of Electron Microscopy (Beijing) during the Electron Microscopy Annual Meeting as well as during the Shanghai Electron Microscopy Annual Meeting, the Xarosa B20T received widespread attention.

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The camera combines the high-speed image acquisition capabilities of CMOS sensors with the deep heritage of EMSIS in electro-optics technology over the last 30 years.

The XAROSA B20T provides 30 frames per second in its full 20 megapixel resolution(!), while with binning much higher speeds can be achieved.
In combination with our software RADIUS, the XAROSA B20T provides video recording, high-dynamic range imaging (HDRI), smart averaging and drift correction as well as “click-to-center”, full interactive and/or automated measurements and the integrated image database.