SPARC Compact PMT ImagePushing the boundaries of cathodoluminescence detection

The SPARC COMPACT pushes the boundaries of compact cathodoluminescence (CL) imaging performance. It features ease-of-use, high-collection efficiency and fast time-to-image. Without compromising on high performance, the SPARC COMPACT is for researchers in geology and materials science who specifically require intensity measurements by a photomultiplier tube.

Modular and upgradeable

The SPARC Compact is a system that works out of the box and can be upgraded to high-performance angle-resolved CL imaging and hyperspectral CL imaging. Its modular design makes it easy to extend and add features to the system as research evolves.

The system can also seamlessly be combined with other SEM detection modalities, thus making it a truly multifaceted solution.

SPARC Compact CL

Fast-intensity mapping imaging mode

The fast analog PMT detector can be used for large-scale imaging. This allows for the rapid inspection of large areas, ideal for geological applications, fast device inspection, and efficient region-of-interest finding. A filter wheel can be used for spectral differentiation.