System In Frontier (SIF) was founded in July 2010 to further evolve the products, knowledge, and technology developed & marketed by now-defunct JEOL System Technology Co., Ltd. They leverage the expertise, developmental capability, and component technology accumulated by the JEOL Group over 26 years to provide genuine solutions sought by users. 

Recently EMSIS and SIF engineers have worked together to update and integrate all EMSIS TEM cameras and SIF software for electron tomography. It is now much more convenient for users to take tomography images series at faster speed and more accurately. Users can also make use of the  strong reconstruction and visualization feature in SIF software to achieve excellent tomography results. 

The first installation is very successful. It is in National Seoul University, one of the most well-known and prominent universities in Korea. A JEM1400flash TEM is equipment with Xarosa, the new super fast CMOS camera from EMSIS and tomography software from SIF.

2018-04-05 170044