KingMed Diagnostics is a comprehensively equipped medical laboratory offering a wide range of diagnostic and health screening tests to clinic doctors, patients, general practitioners, medicals groups, corporate clients and Non-Government Organizations; with best quality, accuracy and timely report turnaround. As the largest independent diagnostic company in China, KingMed Diagnostics has the highest quality standard for the equipment used daily. With massive samples to be tested everyday, the requirements to equipment are extended from image quality to also the best  efficiency and stability. 

The first EMSIS camera entered KingMed in 2007. Since then the superior performance of the camera has won the endorsement from the users in various labs. Recently the 4th camera has been delivered. It is the latest side mounted camera – 12MP CMOS camera Phurona. With its fast speed and high spatial resolution, the new camera will help KingMed in new field of high-resolution medical imaging. 

More information of this new camera can be found here.