TOLARA B06U – NEW 6MP TEM camera for the bottom port

September 20th, 2021|Featured, News, Uncategorized|

EMSIS presents its next model in its successful line of bottom mount high resolution cameras: the 6 MP TOLARA B06U TEM camera, representing a mid-range, affordable TEM camera by EMSIS, but with virtually no compromises [...]

Xarosa CMOS chip being used on Mars

March 4th, 2021|Uncategorized|

The latest exploration of Mars become an international hotpot. NASA landed the PERSEVERANCE ROVER on the surface of Mars on 18 February 2021. Wonderful and exciting images were sent back to Earth and the clarity [...]

Delmic: accelerating electron microscopy work-flows

September 25th, 2020|Featured, News, Uncategorized|

The Netherlands-based Delmic is set to bring fundamental change to electron tomography work-flows, making microscopy faster, more accessible and affordable. Chief executive and co-founder, Sander Den Hoedt, explains his company's plans.Sander den Hoedt, Delmic CEOTell [...]

Observing defects in rocks with cathodoluminescence

July 30th, 2020|Featured, News, Uncategorized|

Observing defects in rocks with cathodoluminescenceCathodoluminescence is commonly used to pre-screen geological samples and combined with other SEM techniques for in-depth study. Various CL imaging modes can provide information on the structure of a rock, [...]

EMSIS camera helps in research of Keratoconus

April 10th, 2020|Featured, News, Uncategorized|

The team of Professor Saeed Akhtar in King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia published a paper in Scientific Report on their research on Keratoconus disease. We are glad to see that nice images taken with EMSIS [...]

China National EM conference in Hefei

October 30th, 2019|Featured, News, Uncategorized|

The National Electron Microscopy Conference in Hefei China was the best attended ever. Together with our partners MicronPower we had interesting talks with our EMSIS and DELMIC customers.The main interest was for our new side-mounted [...]

NEW! Phurona S12U side mounted CMOS camera

January 3rd, 2019|Featured, News, Uncategorized|

We are very pleased to start the 2019 with the introduction of PHURONA S12U, the new 12MP side mounted CMOS camera. With this camera we complement the current side mouted cameras, MegaView G3, Veleta G3 [...]

Collaboration between EMSIS and System in Frontier

September 18th, 2018|Featured, News, Uncategorized|

System In Frontier (SIF) was founded in July 2010 to further evolve the products, knowledge, and technology developed & marketed by now-defunct JEOL System Technology Co., Ltd. They leverage the expertise, developmental capability, and component technology accumulated [...]

A date with EMSIS ASIA on the upcoming 19th International Microscopy Congress(IMC19)

July 12th, 2018|Featured, News, Uncategorized|

EMIS ASIA is participating for the biggest microscopy event of the year which will take place in Sydney, Australia, from 9th to 14th of September. The Congress will believe to attract over 2,000 scientists working within and outside [...]