China National EM conference in Hefei

The National Electron Microscopy Conference in Hefei China was the best attended ever. Together with [...]

SPARC Spectral helps Shanxi in building the largest UV LED Cluster in the world

Recently, a SPARC Spectral high-end cathodoluminescence detection system was successfully installed at the Zhongke Lu'an [...]

XAROSA sparkles in India

Early March we installed two Xarosa cameras in India by EMSIS ASIA and JEOL INDIA engineers. There [...]

Reference Sites Testimonials
“EMSIS ASIA is the ideal partner for our support and sales in Asia Pacific. Their team has been working with us for many years and grown our camera business through excellent customer-focussed services. Valuable feedback from the Asian market has influenced our product development accordingly”
Dr Stephan Egelkamp, CEO EMSIS
“The understanding of the dynamics of the Asia Pacific market and the relationships within the Electron Microscopy community makes EMSIS ASIA a valuable partner for our CathodoLuminescence and Correlative Microscopy solutions.”
Daan van Oosten Slingeland, DELMIC